April 17, 2021

South African reggae band Zionruts Family and Mozambican artist Ras Soto have collaborated on an upcoming song titled ‘Let It Be’. The song will be released officially in August and its video will be available shortly afterwards.

South African reggae outfit Zionruts Family. Photo: Facebook

The announcement comes after the release of a South African rendition of Inner Circle’s ‘Bad Boys’ by Zionruts Family and local rapper ByLwansta. The song was used to accompany all promo material associated with UK cop TV series Bulletproof.

“It’s a song that mainly speaks about various situations encountered in Africa, such as violence, murders, starvation and crime,” Zionruts Family told Music In Africa. “The main call of the song is unity and bringing back the love to wash away the bloodshed in most African countries.

“The rights of the song are owned by the producer and the two collaborating artists. We are working on the video and it’s being shot in South Africa and Mozambique.”

Other upcoming projects

Zionruts Family is working on a collaboration with Japanese artist CJ JOE on a song titled ‘Work On It’ song.

“‘Work On It’ is a motivational song that uplifts and gives confidence to oneself regardless of any situation, be it good or bad,” the band said.

The reggae act is also working with a New York band called Todo Mundo on the ‘My Only Way’ song.

“It is a love song about how love unites and strengthen people. We met with Todo Mundo at Smoking Dragon Music Festival in the Drakensberg. We are featuring and producing a remix of the song, bringing it more to the reggae side of life and owning some rights to it as well.”

Both songs will be released in October when the group will release its third album.

“We are looking into releasing our third album that we are currently working on with our Belgian producer along with a couple of singles from the Zionruts Family. The 10-track album will feature songs that relate to various situations such as love, upliftment and motivation. The upcoming album will be an elevation of our two other albums Kip On Surviving and Life Cycle,” Zionruts Family said.

Source: https://www.musicinafrica.net/magazine/sa-mozambique-reggae-artists-collaborate-new-song

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