April 17, 2021

Namibian reggae lovers and Rastafarians celebrated the reggae revolution in commemoration of World’s Cannabis Day last weekend.

The event attracted music lovers and local reggae artistes such as Ras Sheehama, Ngatu, Ras Lando, and Ten Dreads.

The event organiser, who is also a member of Top Ranking Production, Helena Michael, told Entertainment Now! that the show was held to bring the reggae family together, have fun and support the ganja users of Namibia, as they fight for the legalisation of cannabis in the country.

The event took place a day after the cannabis demonstration, which took place on Friday.

Odette, the poet who was also the main performer at the event, left the audience clamouring for more after she performed her hit song, “My Ganja”.

“We understand it’s going to take some time to legalise the herb but at least the government must decriminalise it and stop arresting people who use it because they are not criminals,” remarked Namibian reggae legend and artist, Ras Sheehama after his powerful performance.

The event was more than just a music show, it was also a great opportunity for Rastafarian vendors to showcase and sell their creations and products.

“Legalise, regulate, educate and medicate,” was the theme of the event because Ganja Users of Namibia believe that people need to have knowledge about cannabis for them to stop believing in stereotypes.

“Cannabis is not what it does to people, it is how you use it and most people use it the wrong way. Nothing is for everyone, even pain killers can make someone sick,” said a member of Ganger Users of Namibia, who also emphasised that many people need to educate themselves about the use of cannabis.

Source: https://neweralive.na/posts/reggae-lovers-and-rastafarians-celebrate-reggae-revolution

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