August 7, 2020

Nigeria Reggae Festival (NRF) is the first of it kind in Nigeria, the idea and vision were initiated by Prince Emeka Ojukwu (founder Music Africa Awake), in the year 2015.
The Nigeria Reggae Festival (NRF) is been hosted by Music Africa Awake (MUAFA). After much arrangement and planning, Music Africa Awake (MUAFA) scheduled to hold the Nigeria Reggae Festival media launch on November 30, 2017.

The Nigeria Reggae Festival is a 3 days event, that took place on 29th of September to 1st of October 2018.
Nigeria Reggae Festival is an event fashioned to bring peace and unity to Nigeria people and eradicate xenophobic attack in African countries.

Featured Artists.

Nigeria Reggae Festival
#Peace Concert

Wild Life

Festival Artists

Lioness Font

Festival Artists

Jampara & The Batalion

Festival Artists

Singing Vernon

Festival Artists

Anaetoh Peter

Festival Artists

Pacino Artist

Festival Artists

Siano Thunder

Festival Artists


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